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Casper and a young guest share a moment.

Winter Sled Ride Reservations Are Open Through April 30, 2016

Reservations are required.

NOTE: Our ride is a passive activity in which our guides do the driving, and all customers are passengers.

Mud Season Has Arrived
April is a tricky month for us. We are currently in a holding pattern between sleds and carts.
Sled Rides
We can possibly run more sled rides if it snows. If we get four inches of snow or more and it stays below freezing, or if we get six inches of snow or more it it stays below 40 degrees, give us a call.
Cart Rides
Even though there is not enough snow to run sleds, there is too much to run carts. This page will update when we are able to run carts.

It's taken a few days to process the loss and write it down. The description on the album was something I needed to write for myself, but it will give you some insight into this special dog.

Posted by Dog Sled Rides of Winter Park on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Huskies for Apotion

We often have dogs available for adoption. You can see our current list on our adoption page.

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